A Local Treasure is a locally-owned business or organization that has brought something special into your life. It could be your favorite ice cream shop, bookstore, or coffee joint. The museum you go to with your kids or the place you take your car for repair. It is the place you tell your friends about and the place you take your out of town guests to visit. A Local Treasure is unique. It is one of a kind. And it contributes to your quality of life and to our community in a meaningful way.

West Michigan is home to a wide variety of locally-owned businesses – they are part of our community’s local treasure! Did you know that:

  • 73% more money stays in the community when you support a locally-owned business.
  • On average, locally-owned businesses donate 350% more than national or chain businesses.
  • A small shift towards local could create jobs! A recent study showed that shifting $1 in $10 currently being spent towards local businesses would create 1,600 jobs and $140 Million in new economic impact.

The Local Treasure campaign has been organized by Local First, a nonprofit organization that fosters the development of an economy, grounded in local ownership, which functions in harmony with our ecosystem, meets the basic needs of our people, encourages joyful community life, and builds wealth.

For more info about Local First check out www.localfirst.com.