Grace Coffee Bistro

    Business Stats

  • Founded in 2012 by Matthew Fuller as a coffee shop offering excellent food, too.
  • Originally started as kiosk in Waters Building, downtown Grand Rapids.
  • Currently located at 1000 East Paris Avenue in Forest Hills neighborhood.
  • Coffee roasted weekly by local roaster.
  • Customers love the bistro sandwiches served on Naan Indian bread.
  • Offer unique personal pizzas called Naanzas made with Naan Indian bread.
  • Dine in or order online; Grace Coffee caters to groups, large and small.

Grace Coffee Bistro

You no longer have to choose between enjoying an excellent cup of coffee at a nearby shop or savoring a mouthwatering sandwich prepared on fresh Indian bread elsewhere. Owner Matthew Fuller is working hard to ensure you’re satisfied with both the coffee and food at Grace Coffee. He says, “Having worked previously in the restaurant business, I witnessed a lack of ability to provide quality coffee and food in the same establishment. Grace Coffee does both.”

Breakfast at the bistro consists of a delectable selection of egg sandwiches, sunshine fruit salad, fruit yogurt parfait, and fresh pastries. The lunch menu offers an array of hot and cold sandwiches—all available on Naan Indian bread and the bistro’s specialty pizza, the Naanza, also on Naan Indian bread. There’s always a savory soup to be enjoyed, the selection varies daily. Grace Coffee also prides itself on serving freshly roasted coffee, full-bodied espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, tea, chai tea latte, caramel apple cider, frappes, and mochas.

In addition to the delicious coffee and cuisine, Grace Coffee boasts an inviting, relaxed atmosphere. “I wanted to create an environment where people could relax, meet with friends, and get a break from the stress of their day,” explains Matthew. Daily, this unique bistro and its friendly staff strive to make every guest feel welcome and at home.

The name of the bistro came to Matthew when he realized, “I would need the Grace of God to be able to accomplish opening this business. That statement rings true to this day at Grace Coffee where we recognize on a daily basis that we cannot do this alone. I am continually inspired by my parents and appreciate their support.”

Grace Coffee Bistro is closely connected to The Well, a church located in Kentwood, where Matthew and his wife Rachel serve as Worship Leaders. Recently, Matthew was ordained as the Associate Leader of The Well. You may also know Matthew and Rachel as the vocalists featured on the 2012 Christian album, “Praise is Beautiful”.

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