Localist - David

    Local Gift Ideas

  • Art of the Table - scotch, pretzels, and Mrs. Dog's mustard for best friend (age 54)
  • HyperOptik - stylish reader glasses for mom (age 76)
  • Wealthy at Charles - candle and hand-blown vase for partner's mom (age 65)
  • Goodwill - hidden treasure you never think you'd find for niece (age 26)
  • Aperitivo - a gift certificate and bottle of wine for the other lucky people on his list!
  • Holiday Budget: $900

Localist - David

“Shopping with someone I know makes such a connection for me. Moving back to Grand Rapids 5 years ago from Toronto I realized the gift of community. One of our richest assets remains our local retailers. Shopping with Amy Ruis and her team at Art of the Table adds to my “welcome home” feeling for West Michigan. I get that warmth from many local stores like Aperitivo, Wealthy at Charles, HyperOptik, Eastown Antiques, Spirit Dreams, Spoonlickers, Mary Ann’s Chocolates, GRAM’s gift shop, Goodwill’s Blue boutiques, and so many more. Put a smile on your face by putting dollars in the wallets of local retailers.

“Working for Gilda’s LaughFest I understand the power of a smile and shopping locally keeps all of us happier.”

David was photographed at Art of the Table.