Our Brewing Company

    Business Stats

  • Established in 2012 in Downtown Holland.
  • Owned by Trevor and Lisa Doublestein and Dane and Brynn Sexton.
  • Operated by Trevor and Lisa who live in Holland with their two daughters.
  • You'll often see the Doublestein family at the brewery, eating casseroles at the long tables or playing shuffleboard.
  • Trevor is a former semi-pro rollerblader/skateboarder and Lisa is a journalist and fiction writer.
  • Dane and wife Brynn reside in Ada and love to travel and play sports with their son and daughter.
  • Dane works for Morgan Stanley and Brynn is a sales representative with Boehringer Ingelheim.
  • Their remarkably delicious craft beers boast clever, catchy names like Handlebar Hopstatch, Dutchtown Brown, and Peachy Keen Cream Ale.

Our Brewing Company

Trevor and Lisa Doublestein, along with longtime friends Dane and Brynn Sexton, opened Our Brewing Company with the primary focus of making exceptional beer for exceptional patrons. All four of them agreed Downtown Holland seemed the perfect place for a brewery with a warm, inviting neighborhood feel, and as the tagline describes, is “smaller on purpose.”

Why the name Our Brewing Company? According to Lisa Doublestein, “We wanted to convey our sense of community and let everyone know our brewery could be a place they make their own. It’s worked! Our patrons have become friends and neighbors to us, and to one another.”

Their brewmaster Ed DeGalan has a degree in history yet a passion (and amazing talent) for brewing. From Our Brewing Company’s Grandpa D’s Lager (a favorite for those who prefer mainstream beers) to their Pirate Stout with Gunpowder, Ed uses whole ingredients and as Lisa says, “a great deal of consideration to craft beer that tastes, feels, and smells special.”

Our Brewing Company supports schools and organizations in the Holland community as they feel it is their role as a local business to make the place in which they live better. Lisa says, “For us, that means lifting up people and groups that help children, families, education, and the arts.”

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