Schuler Books

    Business Stats

  • Established in 1982 by East Grand Rapids residents, Bill and Cecile Fehsenfeld.
  • The bookstore’s name comes from Bill’s middle name, Schuler, a family name.
  • Located in Grand Rapids, Walker, Lansing, and Okemos.
  • Promote local authors and provide forum for them to engage with community.
  • Home of Chapbook Cafe, a relaxing coffee, sandwich, and salad spot.
  • Boast attentive staff of avid readers, movie fans, gourmet chefs, and talented artists.
  • Known for its unique gift, games, greeting card, and stationery selection.
  • Host to several community groups and book club meetings.

Schuler Books

Schuler Books believes a really great bookstore must carry a wide range of titles – including some titles that do not sell well, if they are important books. What’s more, the staff at Schuler’s recognizes the people of Grand Rapids and Lansing welcome a bookstore with breadth and depth, featuring everything from fiction bestsellers to science and history books. They also understand promoting local authors and musicians through booksigning events and concerts plays a vital role in connecting them with the communities they serve.

Owners Bill and Cecile Fehsenfeld take great pride in operating a local, independent bookstore, made successful by a dedicated, knowledgeable staff who share their love of books. Schuler Books’ flexibility through the digital age has helped them adapt quickly and cater to customers’ needs and requests. You can shop in store or online. Browse through magazines while enjoying coffee and food at Chapbook Cafe. Purchase music and movies. Publish your own book through the Espresso Book Machine. Get a discount on Book Club selections. Raise funds for your school through Schuler Book Days. Check out the Kobo eReader.

Schuler Books is constantly evolving and keeping the communities it serves well-read, well-fed, and well-prepared to give unique gifts. What else? It seems to be the perfect environment for falling in love. Administrative Assistant Charity McMaster says, “Over 20 couples have met and married within the ranks of our staff, starting with Bill and Cecile ... and including my husband and me!”

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