The Green Well

    Business Stats

  • Located on Cherry Street in East Hills – the Center of the Universe.
  • Founded in 2007 by James Berg and Patrick Wise of the Essence Restaurant Group.
  • Operates as a true American Gastro Pub with a relaxed atmosphere and eclectic menu.
  • Doug Berg is Manager, Jeff Finan is Head Chef, and Jason Richardson is Chef de Cuisine.
  • Supports Local First and Friends of Grand Rapids Parks (FGRP), a local citizen-driven nonprofit.
  • Displays local art in its Off Center Gallery; 10% of sales donated to FGRP.
  • LEED®-certified building inside and out – environmentally safe and super efficient.
  • Recycles and composts waste: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and grease.

The Green Well

The Green Well Gastro Pub is an incredibly popular neighborhood eatery in East Hills that keeps customers coming back. One visit is all it takes to figure out why.

Everything about the food, the beverages, and service at The Green Well is clever and innovative – and supportive of local producers (farmers, breweries, wineries) and local service providers (cleaning, advertising, printing). This practice supports the local economy, and contributes to the community’s vitality and sustainability. Since the day the pub opened its doors, it has become a striking example of the positive effects of local loyalty (and flair).

Catering to the current season, The Green Well’s ever-changing menu features global cuisine made with high-quality, local ingredients. Guests can choose from 20 draught beers on tap (many local brews!) or a vast selection of bottled beers. There’s also a unique three-tiered wine list featuring flights and tastings.

The gastro pub is green beyond its name. It’s green in place, purpose, and philosophy. For example, they re-energized a site in the Fairmount Square Historic District that was mostly vacant for 20 years. Their building is LEED® certified inside and out, ultra efficient and environmentally safe. The restaurant composts approximately 80% and recycles about 15% of their waste (only 5% goes to a landfill).

Keeping true to their mission of providing exceptional service, The Green Well maintains a one-of-a-kind ambassador program to garner feedback from members on what they do well and what they could do better. The Green Well Cartel is treated to special samplings, education from area food and beverage experts, maybe even a “field trip” to a local brewery or farm.

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